Thank You for your interest in our 30 Day Challenge & CONGRATULATIONS for wanting to improve your Health & Wellness

As previously mentioned the next wave of the 30 Day Challenge starts on Monday 7th July, but if you book your place now & watch the set up meeting I can add you to the current FaceBook Group straight away.

We will now add you as a friend on Facebook & once accepted, we will add you to the group where you will find the LIVE Online Set Up Meeting referred to in the video.

You can book & pay for your place on the 30 Day Challenge now via the booking form below – Simply choose the relevant challenge depending on your location. When processing you booking please put my name ‘Katrina Denham’ as your 24 FIT Coach & state that you will attend the set up meeting ‘Online’

PLEASE NOTE: You must watch the recorded ‘set up meeting’ before you will be added to the main facebook group, so please keep me updated if purchase your ticket, by┬átaking a screen shot of your order & sending it to me at or via whatsapp

I’m sure you will love what you see. I’m so excited for you & look forward to speaking to you soon

Katrina ­čÖé
07940 110303